Special Feature: Pets Page

My wife likes to have birds in the house, preferably in the kitchen. Years ago we rescued a couple zebra finches from someone who was going out of town and couldn't take them along.

Then many years later, when my daughter moved out of town, we got a couple canaries. My wife thought it would be nice to have a male and a female. Then she thought it would be nice to let them keep the eggs she started laying. We ultimately ended up with 14 canaries. They actually take a lot of time to care for. We were forced to give them away to someone who wanted them. We were worn out a bit.

Then later we got a dove. Then we got another dove. They didn't get along very well because the male was incredibly amorous and she was shy. We had to keep them separate. They ultimately went back to the farm we got them from.

In 2005 we had a kitten named Callie (short for Calico) She was just fascinated by them. I caught her trying to catch them in this movie.

We have another cat named Sadie. She was much older and way more laid back. In fact, she liked to sit on top of the cage and watch them.

When we had doves. If you put a mirror behind the cage bars, the bird will think that there is another bird there and try to either intimidate or woo the other one

We now have another bird, a single canary, Rosey. Here is a movie of Rosey taking a bath.