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Books Read in 2019

Title Author Date Read Book Type # Pages
The Bridge (L) Parker, Robert B 3/20/2019 Mystery 309
Old Black Magic (L) Parker, Robert B 3/17/2019 Mystery 319
Flight Behavior Kingsolver, Barbara 3/16/2019 Fiction 436
The Gangster Cussler, Clive 3/10/2019 Fiction 416
Look Alive Twenty-five (L) Evanovich, Janet 3/6/2019 Mystery 311
The Gods of Guilt Connelly, Michael 3/4/2019 Fiction 429
The Spark Drake, David 3/2/2019 SciFi 337
Righteous (L) Ide, Joe 2/25/2019 Fiction 326
The Fork, the Witch and the Worm (L) Paolini, Christopher 2/20/2019 SciFi 279
Terminal World Reynolds, Alistair 2/19/2019 SciFi 550
Burglars can't be Choosers Block, Lawrence 2/10/2019 Fiction 293
The Griff Moore, Christopher 2/10/2019 Graphic Novel 160
Wrecked (L) Ide, Joe 2/8/2019 Fiction 340
The Changed Man Card, Orson Scott 2/5/2019 SciFi 224
Fall of Man in Wilmslow Lagercrantz, David 2/2/2019 Fiction 354
The Last Dragonslayer (L) Fforde, Jasper 2/2/2019 SciFi 287
Still Life Penny, Louise 1/26/2019 Fiction 293
1636: The Kremlin Games Flint, Eric 1/23/2019 SciFi 544
The Prisoner of Heaven (L) Zafon, Carlos Ruiz 1/19/2019 SciFi 278
Thin Air (L) Morgan, Richard K 1/16/2019 SciFi 528
The Labyrinth of Spirits (L) Zafon, Carlos Ruiz 1/9/2019 SciFi 805
Jimmy the Kid Westlake, Donald E. 1/5/2019 Fiction 213