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Science Fiction books written in 2010

Title Author Date Read Book Type # Pages
Starbound Haldeman, Joe 2/9/2018 SciFi 308
The Legions of Fire Drake, David 1/12/2018 SciFi 469
Lost Gate Card, Orson Scott 6/5/2017 SciFi 453
Cryptum - The Forerunner Saga (Halo) Bear, Greg 12/25/2016 SciFi 342
The Trade of Queens (L) Stross, Charles 10/8/2016 SciFi 303
I shall Wear Midnight (L) Pratchett, Terry 5/31/2016 SciFi 351
Back to the Moon Taylor, Travis 11/2/2015 SciFi 393
At the Gates of Darkness Feist, Raymond E. 10/3/2015 SciFi 290
The Evolutionary Void Hamilton, Peter F. 6/15/2015 SciFi 665
All Clear Willis, Connie 10/30/2014 SciFi 641
Blackout Willis, Connie 9/14/2014 SciFi 491
Coyote Destiny Steele, Allen 1/15/2014 SciFi 331
Migration (L) Hogan, James 5/24/2013 SciFi 415
The Human Blend (L) Foster, Alan Dean 1/27/2013 SciFi 226
Fool Moore, Christopher 10/21/2012 SciFi 311
... Returns (L) Harrison, Harry 9/2/2012 SciFi 304
Out of the Dark Weber, David 6/15/2012 SciFi 522
Mockingjay Collins, Suzanne 5/9/2012 SciFi 398
Betrayeer of Worlds (L) Niven, Larry 4/25/2012 SciFi 315
Climate of Change (L) Anthony, Piers 2/15/2012 SciFi 446
Valley Forge (L) Forstchen, William 12/29/2011 SciFi 445
Much Fall of Blood (L) Flint, Eric 12/16/2011 SciFi 594
Knot Gneiss (L) Anthony, Piers 12/4/2011 SciFi 303
Dreadnought (L) Priest, Cherie 1/25/2011 SciFi 400
Clementine Priest, Cherie 12/26/2010 SciFi 201
Zero History (L) Gibson, William 11/13/2010 SciFi 404
Live Free or Die (L) Ringo, John 7/12/2010 SciFi 404
Bite Me Moore, Christopher 5/13/2010 SciFi 309
Bearers of the Black Staff Brooks, Terry SciFi 423
Surface Detail Banks, Iain M. SciFi 627
Terminal World Reynolds, Alistair SciFi 550
Against All Things Ending Donaldson, Stephen R SciFi 575
One Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Jemison, N. K. SciFi 386
The Broken Kingdoms Jemison, N. K. SciFi 380