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Science Fiction books written in 1992

Title Author Date Read   Book Type   # Pages
Green Shadows,.White Whale Bradbury, Ray 8/30/2023 SciFi 267
The Changed Man Card, Orson Scott 2/5/2019 SciFi 224
Lost Boys Card, Orson Scott 11/30/2018 SciFi 528
Practical Demonkeeping Moore, Christopher 5/14/2012 SciFi 293
Bedlam's Bard (K of G&S + S to T) Lackey, Mercedes 7/12/2008 SciFi 339
Rude Astronauts Steele, Allen 12/25/2006 SciFi 263
Snow Crash Stephenson, Neal 12/12/2006 SciFi 468
Summoned to Tourney Lackey, Mercedes 11/23/2005 SciFi 298
Mars Prime Dietz, William C 11/2/2005 SciFi 255
Drifter's War (L) Dietz, William C 9/26/2005 SciFi 230
Drifter's Run Dietz, William C 4/22/2005 SciFi 196
Wheels of Fire Lackey, Mercedes 4/10/2005 SciFi 389
A Question of Time Saberhagen, Fred 1/25/2005 SciFi 263
Born to Run Lackey, Mercedes 1/10/2005 SciFi 317
Morningstar Gemmell, David 12/15/2004 SciFi 280
Doomsday Book Willis, Connie 11/11/2004 SciFi 578
The Venging Bear, Greg 12/4/2003 SciFi 290
In the Realm of the Wolf Gemmell, David 9/18/2003 SciFi 306
Imzadi David, Peter 9/5/2003 SciFi 342
Dark Sky Legion Barton, William 9/3/2003 SciFi 399
Unicorn U. Friesner, Esther 8/9/2003 SciFi 265
To Save the Sun Bova, Ben 11/21/2002 SciFi 410
People of the Mesa Mayhar, Ardath 7/21/2002 SciFi 297
The Venom Trees of Sunga De Camp, L. Sprague 6/3/2002 SciFi 211
Crusade White, Steve 1/14/2002 SciFi 426
Globalhead Sterling, Bruce 10/9/2001 SciFi 339
Blood Trillium May, Julian 10/4/2001 SciFi 450
Phule's Paradise Asprin, Robert 5/20/2001 SciFi 252
Red Mars Robinson, Kim Stanley 1/14/2001 SciFi 668
Path of the Fury Weber, David 10/18/2000 SciFi 423
King Javan's Year Kurtz, Katherine 8/18/2000 SciFi 481
Mars Bova, Ben 2/25/2000 SciFi 549
The Guns of the South Turtledove, Harry 12/17/1999 SciFi 556
The Rebirth of Wonder Watt-Evans, Lawrence 12/30/1998 SciFi 200
The Man-Kzin Wars V Niven, Larry 9/22/1998 SciFi 331
Terrible Swift Sword Forstchen, William 8/3/1997 SciFi 458
The Memory of Earth Card, Orson Scott 7/5/1997 SciFi 330
Lords and Ladies Pratchett, Terry 6/26/1997 SciFi 281
Metaphase (autographed copy) McIntyre, Vonda N. 8/18/1996 SciFi 353
Small Gods Pratchett, Terry 8/9/1996 SciFi 344
A Dark and Hungry God Arises Donaldson, Stephen R 7/10/1996 SciFi 518
Alien Plot Anthony, Piers 6/29/1996 SciFi 255
Crisis on Doona McCaffrey, Anne 5/30/1996 SciFi 328
A Fire Upon the Deep Vinge, Vernor 5/17/1996 SciFi 613
Lady Slings the Booze Robinson, Spider 5/1/1996 SciFi 257
The Multiplex Man Hogan, James 2/21/1996 SciFi 386
The Ugly Little Boy Asimov, Isaac 11/29/1995 SciFi 387
The Elf Queen of Shannara Brooks, Terry 11/8/1995 SciFi 359
Alien 3 Foster, Alan Dean 7/31/1995 SciFi 218
Freedom Flight Lackey, Mercedes 7/25/1995 SciFi 275
The Caterpillar's Question Anthony, Piers 7/16/1995 SciFi 264
Damia McCaffrey, Anne 7/4/1995 SciFi 341
Beachhead Williamson, Jack 6/20/1995 SciFi 368
The King's Buccaneer Feist, Raymond E. 1/11/1995 SciFi 523
The Final Incoherent Adventure! Harrison, Harry SciFi 215
The Turing Option Harrison, Harry SciFi 409
Salamandastron Jacques, Brian SciFi 356
Castle of Deception Lackey, Mercedes SciFi 266
Winds of Fate Lackey, Mercedes SciFi 460
Back to the Time Trap Laumer, Keith SciFi 339
PartnerShip McCaffrey, Anne SciFi 323
The Ship Who Searched McCaffrey, Anne SciFi 312
Crystal Line McCaffrey, Anne SciFi 313
The California Voodoo Game Niven, Larry SciFi 343
The Moat around Murcheson's Eye Niven, Larry SciFi 480
Mining the Oort Pohl, Frederick SciFi 279
Wayfinder's Story Saberhagen, Fred SciFi 251
Kingdoms of the Wall Silverberg, Robert SciFi 370
Dark Force Rising by Zahn, Timothy Star Wars SciFi 439
Labyrinth of Night Steele, Allen SciFi 340
The Color of Her Panties Anthony, Piers SciFi 342
Fractal Mode Anthony, Piers SciFi 344
Mercycle Anthony, Piers SciFi 340
Mouvar's Magic Anthony, Piers SciFi 310
The Garden of Rama Clarke, Arthur C. SciFi 518
Wildfire Clayton, Jo SciFi 365
Rising Sun Crichton, Michael SciFi 394
Anvil of Stars Bear, Greg SciFi 471
Codgerspace Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 309
The False Mirror Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 314
Northworld: Justice Drake, David SciFi 280
Starliner Drake, David SciFi 314
The Hammer Drake, David SciFi 290
Riders of the Purple Wage Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 216
Mistress of the Empire Feist, Raymond E. SciFi 676
Cruel Miracles Card, Orson Scott SciFi 242
The Enchanter Reborn De Camp, L. Sprague SciFi 296
... at War Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 375
... on the Border Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 393
Flare Zelazny, Roger SciFi 344
Crosstime Traffic Watt-Evans, Lawrence SciFi 247
Steel Beach Varley, John SciFi 566