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Science Fiction books written in 1991

Title Author Date Read   Book Type   # Pages
Dark Prince Gemmell, David 7/29/2009 SciFi 545
The Lion of Macedon Gemmell, David 2/3/2008 SciFi 500
The Face of the Waters Silverberg, Robert 12/11/2007 SciFi 436
Drifter Dietz, William C 4/3/2005 SciFi 200
Hook (movie Adaptation) Brooks, Terry 10/19/2003 SciFi 211
Achilles' Choice Niven, Larry 9/25/2003 SciFi 243
Gnome Mans's land Friesner, Esther 7/1/2002 SciFi 235
Mutineer's Moon Weber, David 12/3/1999 SciFi 315
The Blood of a Dragon Watt-Evans, Lawrence 6/5/1999 SciFi 231
Jack the Bodiless May, Julian 1/28/1999 SciFi 464
The Man-Kzin Wars IV Niven, Larry 9/12/1998 SciFi 311
The Crystal Sorcerers Forstchen, William 6/3/1998 SciFi 291
Norby and the Court Jester Asimov, Isaac 11/29/1997 SciFi 180
Witches Abroad Pratchett, Terry 8/13/1997 SciFi 286
Union Forever Forstchen, William 7/31/1997 SciFi 456
Old Nathan Drake, David 5/31/1997 SciFi 228
Reaper Man Pratchett, Terry 10/29/1996 SciFi 336
Forbidden Knowledge Donaldson, Stephen R 7/4/1996 SciFi 455
The Real Story Donaldson, Stephen R 7/1/1996 SciFi 220
The Red Tape War Chalker, Jack L. 1/16/1996 SciFi 244
The Druid of Shannara Brooks, Terry 11/5/1995 SciFi 370
Tubular Android Superheroes Gilden, Mel 8/12/1995 SciFi 288
Surfing Samurai Robots Gilden, Mel 7/29/1995 SciFi 252
Hawaiian U.F.O. Aliens Gilden, Mel 7/11/1995 SciFi 272
The Children's Hour Pournelle, Jerry 6/25/1995 SciFi 316
Go Tell the Spartans Pournelle, Jerry 5/11/1995 SciFi 345
The Sorceress and the Cygnet McKillip, Patricia A 2/24/1995 SciFi 248
Fallen Angels Niven, Larry SciFi 394
All the Weyrs of Pern McCaffrey, Anne SciFi 433
Generation Warriors McCaffrey, Anne SciFi 345
Transition McIntyre, Vonda N. SciFi 290
Lunar Justice Harness, Charles SciFi 180
On the Planet of Tasteless Pleasure Harrison, Harry SciFi 213
On the Planet of Ten Thousand Bars Harrison, Harry SciFi 214
On the Planet of Zombie Vampires Harrison, Harry SciFi 217
Entoverse Hogan, James SciFi 411
The Inifinity Gambit Hogan, James SciFi 452
Mariel of Redwall Jacques, Brian SciFi 387
Judson's Eden Laumer, Keith SciFi 379
The Singers of Time Pohl, Frederick SciFi 340
Heir to the Empire by Zahn, Timothy Star Wars SciFi 404
Lunar Descent Steele, Allen SciFi 325
Heaven Chronicles Vinge, Joan D. SciFi 275
The Summer Queen Vinge, Joan D. SciFi 949
Teklab Shatner, William SciFi 308
Teklords Shatner, William SciFi 293
Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming Zelazny, Roger SciFi 310
The Difference Engine Gibson, William SciFi 429
A Call to Arms Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 341
Cat-A-Lyst Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 325
Northworld: Vengeance Drake, David SciFi 330
The Forge Drake, David SciFi 323
The Jungle Drake, David SciFi 282
The Warrior Drake, David SciFi 275
Red Orc's Rage Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 282
Xenocide Card, Orson Scott SciFi 592
The Ninety Trillion Fausts Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 360
Norby and Yobo's Great Adventure Asimov, Isaac SciFi 147
StreetLethal Barnes, Steven SciFi 308
Question Quest Anthony, Piers SciFi 359
Tatham Mound Anthony, Piers SciFi 522
Virtual Mode Anthony, Piers SciFi 323
The Run to Chaos Keep Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 308
Grounded Claremont, Chris SciFi 323
Shadowkill Clayton, Jo SciFi 362
Wild Magic Clayton, Jo SciFi 364
The Pixilated Peeress De Camp, L. Sprague SciFi 199
The Swords of Zinjaban De Camp, L. Sprague SciFi 307
Young Bleys Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 438