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Science Fiction books written in 1987

Title Author Date Read   Book Type   # Pages
Tool of the Trade Haldeman, Joe 7/28/2019 SciFi 248
Freehold Dietz, William C 3/3/2014 SciFi 212
Free Lancers Card, Orson Scott 12/17/2011 SciFi 248
Consider Phlebas (L) Banks, Iain M. 2/2/2010 SciFi 514
Aftermath Asprin, Robert 5/29/2008 SciFi 273
Lincoln's Dreams Willis, Connie 9/29/2006 SciFi 228
The Witchwood Cradle Friesner, Esther 12/14/2003 SciFi 241
Wolf in Shadow Gemmell, David 12/24/2002 SciFi 306
Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections Asprin, Robert 5/26/2000 SciFi 200
With a Single Spell Watt-Evans, Lawrence 10/15/1998 SciFi 263
The Alexandrian Ring Forstchen, William 9/26/1998 SciFi 295
The Wizard and the War Machine Watt-Evans, Lawrence 8/7/1998 SciFi 291
Fool's Run McKillip, Patricia A 12/24/1997 SciFi 244
Tempus Morris, Janet 9/19/1997 SciFi 277
Trail of the Seahawks Mayhar, Ardath 9/6/1997 SciFi 222
Project Pendulum Silverberg, Robert 8/15/1997 SciFi 210
Equal Rites Pratchett, Terry 8/8/1997 SciFi 283
Mort Pratchett, Terry 6/5/1996 SciFi 235
... gets Drafted Harrison, Harry 8/27/1995 SciFi 262
Arrow's Flight Lackey, Mercedes 2/3/1995 SciFi 318
Arrows of the Queen Lackey, Mercedes 1/29/1995 SciFi 320
The Metaconcert May, Julian SciFi 282
The Surveillance May, Julian SciFi 347
Curse of the Obelisk Goulart, Ron SciFi 138
Star Pirates Brain Goulart, Ron SciFi 184
To Sail Beyond the Sunset Heinlein, Robert A. SciFi 425
Endgame Enigma Hogan, James SciFi 436
The Questing of Kedrigern Morresey, John SciFi 202
The Legacy of Heorot Niven, Larry SciFi 383
The Smoke Ring Niven, Larry SciFi 323
Annals of the Heechee Pohl, Frederick SciFi 341
Storms of Victory Pournelle, Jerry SciFi 314
Tran Pournelle, Jerry SciFi 669
Time Pressure Robinson, Spider SciFi 243
Pyramids Saberhagen, Fred SciFi 311
Sightblinder's Story Saberhagen, Fred SciFi 248
Chance Springer, Nancy SciFi 240
Madbond Springer, Nancy SciFi 211
Mindbond Springer, Nancy SciFi 240
Tatja Grimm's World Vinge, Vernor SciFi 277
True Names Vinge, Vernor SciFi 275
Sign of Chaos Zelazny, Roger SciFi 217
Glory Lane Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 295
The Deluge Drivers Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 311
Time of the Transferrence Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 280
The Forge of God Bear, Greg SciFi 473
Land of Dreams Blaylock, James SciFi 224
The River of Time Brin, David SciFi 295
The Uplift War Brin, David SciFi 636
The Black Unicorn Brooks, Terry SciFi 307
Madman's Army Adams, Robert SciFi 222
Of Chiefs and Champions Adams, Robert SciFi 238
Trumpets of War Adams, Robert SciFi 223
Being a Green Mother Anthony, Piers SciFi 313
Dragon's Gold Anthony, Piers SciFi 282
Out of Phaze Anthony, Piers SciFi 309
Vale of the Vole Anthony, Piers SciFi 324
Fantastic Voyage II Asimov, Isaac SciFi 385
Song Master Card, Orson Scott SciFi 377
The Seventh Son Card, Orson Scott SciFi 241
Wyrms Card, Orson Scott SciFi 345
Labyrinth of Dreams Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 320
Pirates of the Thunder Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 306
Shadow Dancers Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 284
Warriars of the Storm Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 338
When the Changewinds Blow Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 293
First Flight Claremont, Chris SciFi 243
2061: Odyssey Three Clarke, Arthur C. SciFi 268
Skeen's Return Clayton, Jo SciFi 320
Skeen's Search Clayton, Jo SciFi 299
Still River Clement,Hal SciFi 262
Sphere Crichton, Michael SciFi 371
The Stranger Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 254
Way of the Pilgrim Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 439
A Man rides Through Donaldson, Stephen R SciFi 657
Counting the Cost Drake, David SciFi 267
Fortress Drake, David SciFi 310
Kill Ratio Drake, David SciFi 268
Daughter of the Empire Feist, Raymond E. SciFi 421