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Science Fiction books written in 1984

Title Author Date Read Book Type # Pages
The Big U Stephenson, Neal 1/26/2013 SciFi 308
Icehenge Robinson, Kim Stanley 8/1/2003 SciFi 262
Wings of Omen Asprin, Robert 6/14/2003 SciFi 277
Press Enter (Tor Double) Varley, John 10/11/2002 SciFi 184
The Flame upon the Ice Forstchen, William 8/21/2001 SciFi 279
The Memoirs of Alcheringia Drew, Wayland 12/12/2000 SciFi 239
Myth-ing Persons Asprin, Robert 11/5/1999 SciFi 172
The Book of Silence Watt-Evans, Lawrence 10/25/1999 SciFi 326
The Chromosomal Code Watt-Evans, Lawrence 9/2/1998 SciFi 204
Daughter of Regals Donaldson, Stephen R 3/1/1995 SciFi 366
Birds of Prey Drake, David SciFi 348
Cross the Stars Drake, David SciFi 342
The Forlorn Hope Drake, David SciFi 318
The 7 Magical Jewels/Ireland Adams, Robert SciFi 284
Past Times Anderson, Poul SciFi 288
The Unicorn Trade Anderson, Poul SciFi 284
Bearing an Hourglass Anthony, Piers SciFi 372
Crewel Lye Anthony, Piers SciFi 309
Mercenary Anthony, Piers SciFi 373
Banquets of the Black Widowers Asimov, Isaac SciFi 223
The Infinity Concerto Bear, Greg SciFi 340
The Digging Leviathan Blaylock, James SciFi 276
Orion Bova, Ben SciFi 432
Out of the Sun Bova, Ben SciFi 223
The Practice Effect Brin, David SciFi 277
Demons of the ... Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 257
Empires of Flux and Anchor Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 320
Spirits of Flux and Anchor Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 320
The River of the ... Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 263
The Snares of Ibex Clayton, Jo SciFi 320
Jamie the Red Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 220
The Final Encyclopedia Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 696
The Last Master Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 318
Shadowkeep Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 243
Slipt Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 265
Star Man Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 280
The Day of the Dissonance Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 292
The Hour of the Gate Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 300
The I Inside Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 311
The Last Starfighter Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 218
The Moment of the Magician Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 312
Voyage to City of the Dead Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 243
Who Needs Ememies Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 257
Neuromancer Gibson, William SciFi 271
Hellquad Goulart, Ron SciFi 158
West of Eden Harrison, Harry SciFi 508
Job: A Comedy of Justice Heinlein, Robert A. SciFi 439
Heretics of Dune Herbert, Frank SciFi 471
The Bishop's Heir Kurtz, Katherine SciFi 344
Chrestomathy Laumer, Keith SciFi 254
Return of Retief Laumer, Keith SciFi 221
The Galaxy Builder Laumer, Keith SciFi 236
The Adversary May, Julian SciFi 460
Dinosaur Planet Survivors McCaffrey, Anne SciFi 294
Fuzzies and Other People Piper, H. Beam SciFi 216
Heechee Rendezvous Pohl, Frederick SciFi 331
Pohlstars Pohl, Frederick SciFi 257
The Merchant's War Pohl, Frederick SciFi 296
Lifeburst Williamson, Jack SciFi 286
Escape Plus Bova, Ben SciFi 285
Dayworld Rebel Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 314
The Third Book of Swords Saberhagen, Fred SciFi 320
World's End Vinge, Joan D. SciFi 284
The Peace War Vinge, Vernor SciFi 378
Demon Varley, John SciFi 464