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Science Fiction books written in 1981

Title Author Date Read   Book Type   # Pages
Worlds Haldeman, Joe 8/4/2018 SciFi 239
Palm Sunday Vonnegut, Kurt 10/31/2016 SciFi 300
The Woman who Loved the Moon Lynn, Elizabeth A. 6/11/2004 SciFi 197
Shadows of Sanctuary Asprin, Robert 10/26/2002 SciFi 338
Soul-Singer of Tyrnos Mayhar, Ardath 6/8/2000 SciFi 195
The Seven Altars of Dusarra Watt-Evans, Lawrence 10/18/1999 SciFi 219
Strata Pratchett, Terry 12/17/1998 SciFi 192
Time Travelers Strictly Cash Robinson, Spider SciFi 200
Earth Descended Saberhagen, Fred SciFi 283
Octagon Saberhagen, Fred SciFi 272
The Water of Thought Saberhagen, Fred SciFi 251
Majipoor Chronicles Silverberg, Robert SciFi 281
Project Pope Simak, Clifford D. SciFi 313
The Sable Moon Springer, Nancy SciFi 264
Madwand (oversized) Zelazny, Roger SciFi 281
The Changing Land Zelazny, Roger SciFi 245
The Many Colored Land May, Julian SciFi 429
Graymantle Morresey, John SciFi 256
Dream Park Niven, Larry SciFi 434
Oath of Fealty Niven, Larry SciFi 324
Empire Piper, H. Beam SciFi 242
Federation Piper, H. Beam SciFi 284
Fuzzy Bones (by William Tuning) Piper, H. Beam SciFi 375
Paratime Piper, H. Beam SciFi 295
Syzygy Pohl, Frederick SciFi 248
Death of a Legend Adams, Robert SciFi 185
Horseclans Odyssey Adams, Robert SciFi 241
Explorations Anderson, Poul SciFi 317
Psychotechnic League Anderson, Poul SciFi 285
The Dark Between the Stars Anderson, Poul SciFi 207
The Guardians of Time Anderson, Poul SciFi 254
Winners Anderson, Poul SciFi 299
Blue Adept Anthony, Piers SciFi 327
Centaur Aisle Anthony, Piers SciFi 294
Mute Anthony, Piers SciFi 440
Voyagers Bova, Ben SciFi 382
Unaccompanied Sonata Card, Orson Scott SciFi 282
Cerberus Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 243
Lilith Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 248
The Devil's Voyage Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 328
The Nowhere Hunt Clayton, Jo SciFi 208
Time to Teleport/Delusion World Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 215
Cache Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 292
Father to the Stars Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 318
The Unreasoning Mask Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 260
Clash of the Titans Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 304
Outland Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 269
Robot in the Closet Goulart, Ron SciFi 160
Star Hawks #2 - Cyborg King Goulart, Ron SciFi 190
Firebird Harness, Charles SciFi 207
Planet of No Return (oversized) Harrison, Harry SciFi 232
Starworld Harrison, Harry SciFi 198
Wheelworld Harrison, Harry SciFi 181
God, Emperor of Dune Herbert, Frank SciFi 454
Giant's Star Hogan, James SciFi 313
Camber the Heretic Kurtz, Katherine SciFi 490
Beyond the Imperium Laumer, Keith SciFi 318
Star Colony Laumer, Keith SciFi 396
The Breaking Earth Laumer, Keith SciFi 287
The Sardonyx Net Lynn, Elizabeth A. SciFi 423