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Science Fiction books written in 1977

Title Author Date Read Book Type # Pages
The Cold Cash War Asprin, Robert 6/8/2003 SciFi 187
The Sword of Shannara (oversized) Brooks, Terry SciFi 726
Midnight at the ... Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 360
Diadem from the Stars Clayton, Jo SciFi 235
Doomfarers of Coramonde Daley, Brian SciFi 344
Conan of Aquilonia De Camp, L. Sprague SciFi 171
The Hostage of Zir De Camp, L. Sprague SciFi 210
The Queen of Zamba De Camp, L. Sprague SciFi 224
Time Storm Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 419
Lord Foul's Bane Donaldson, Stephen R SciFi 474
The Illearth War Donaldson, Stephen R SciFi 518
The Power that Preserves Donaldson, Stephen R SciFi 480
The Dark Design Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 403
The Lavallite World Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 282
Orphan Star Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 234
The End of the Matter Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 246
With Friends Like These... Foster, Alan Dean SciFi 232
Challengers of the Unknown Goulart, Ron SciFi 155
Emperor of the Last Days Goulart, Ron SciFi 189
Nemo Goulart, Ron SciFi 186
Panchronicon Plot Goulart, Ron SciFi 156
Star Hawks (Comic Format) Goulart, Ron SciFi 0
Dosadi Experiment Herbert, Frank SciFi 343
Inherit the Stars Hogan, James SciFi 216
Our Lady of Darkness Leiber, Fritz SciFi 183
Swords and Ice Magic Leiber, Fritz SciFi 243
Dragonsinger McCaffrey, Anne SciFi 240
Get Off the Unicorn McCaffrey, Anne SciFi 303
Heir of Sea and Fire McKillip, Patricia A SciFi 174
Frostworld and Dreamfire Morresey, John SciFi 189
The Extraterritorial Morresey, John SciFi 190
Lucifer's Hammer Niven, Larry SciFi 640
Gateway Pohl, Frederick SciFi 313
Exiles to Glory Pournelle, Jerry SciFi 216
High Justice Pournelle, Jerry SciFi 222
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon Robinson, Spider SciFi 170
Stardance Robinson, Spider SciFi 278
The Silver Sun Springer, Nancy SciFi 292
Anarchistic Collosus Van Vogt, A. E. SciFi 248
Supermind Van Vogt, A. E. SciFi 176
The Ophiuchi Hotline Varley, John SciFi 237
Revenge of the Horseclans Adams, Robert SciFi 182
Mirkheim Anderson, Poul SciFi 216
A Spell for Chameleon Anthony, Piers SciFi 344
Cluster Anthony, Piers SciFi 254