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Science Fiction books written in 1976

Title Author Date Read Book Type # Pages
Inferno Niven, Larry 6/2/2010 SciFi 237
Legacy (part of The Outcasts of ...) Vinge, Joan D. 7/22/2003 SciFi 109
The Dark Side of the Sun Pratchett, Terry 6/15/1998 SciFi 159
More Tales of the Black Widowers Asimov, Isaac 8/31/1995 SciFi 223
Murder at the ABA Asimov, Isaac SciFi 269
The Venom of Argus Avery, Richard (Cooper, Edmund) SciFi 192
City of Darkness Bova, Ben SciFi 165
Millenium Bova, Ben SciFi 295
Multiple Man Bova, Ben SciFi 216
A Jungle of Stars Chalker, Jack L. SciFi 217
Imperial Earth Clarke, Arthur C. SciFi 301
... and the George Dickson, Gordon R. SciFi 279
Flight to Opar Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 212
Ironcastle Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 175
Enormous Hourglass Goulart, Ron SciFi 154
Quest of the Gypsy Goulart, Ron SciFi 207
Whiff of Madness Goulart, Ron SciFi 156
Lifeship Harrison, Harry SciFi 173
Skyfall Harrison, Harry SciFi 378
Children of Dune Herbert, Frank SciFi 408
Camber of Culdi Kurtz, Katherine SciFi 298
Bolo Laumer, Keith SciFi 216
Dragonsong McCaffrey, Anne SciFi 176
The Riddle-master of Hed (oversized) McKillip, Patricia A SciFi 196
A Law for the Stars Morresey, John SciFi 192
A World Out of Time Niven, Larry SciFi 246
Specimens Saberhagen, Fred SciFi 224
Shadrach in the Furnace Silverberg, Robert SciFi 252
Shakespeare's Planet Simak, Clifford D. SciFi 218
Gryb Van Vogt, A. E. SciFi 217
The Witling Vinge, Vernor SciFi 173
Bridge of Ashes Zelazny, Roger SciFi 154
Deus Irae Zelazny, Roger SciFi 238
Doorways on the Sand Zelazny, Roger SciFi 189
My Name is Legion Zelazny, Roger SciFi 213
The Hand of Oberon Zelazny, Roger SciFi 188
The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton Niven, Larry SciFi 182
Man Plus Pohl, Frederick SciFi 246
Birth of Fire Pournelle, Jerry SciFi 172
West of Honor Pournelle, Jerry SciFi 190
Swords of the Horseclans Adams, Robert SciFi 182
The Winter of the World Anderson, Poul SciFi 190
But What of Earth? Anthony, Piers SciFi 282
Ox Anthony, Piers SciFi 256
Steppe Anthony, Piers SciFi 252