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Science Fiction books written in 1966

Title Author Date Read   Book Type   # Pages
Odds On Crichton, Michael 7/8/2016 SciFi 284
Ensign Flandry Anderson, Poul SciFi 224
Fantastic Voyage Asimov, Isaac SciFi 186
The Weathermakers Bova, Ben SciFi 250
Night of Light Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 160
The Gates of Creation Farmer, Philip Jose SciFi 188
Daleth Effect Harrison, Harry SciFi 205
Make Room, Make Room Harrison, Harry SciFi 205
Moon is a Harsh Mistress Heinlein, Robert A. SciFi 302
Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein Heinlein, Robert A. SciFi 219
Destination: Void Herbert, Frank SciFi 190
Eyes of Heisenberg Herbert, Frank SciFi 158
Green Brain Herbert, Frank SciFi 160
Catastrophe Planet Laumer, Keith SciFi 158
Earthblood Laumer, Keith SciFi 334
Retief: Emissary to the Stars Laumer, Keith SciFi 171
The Monitors Laumer, Keith SciFi 160
Time Bender Laumer, Keith SciFi 160
Rocannon's World Le Guin, Ursula SciFi 136
Tarzan & Valley of Gold Leiber, Fritz SciFi 317
World of Ptavvs Niven, Larry SciFi 188
The Dream Master Zelazny, Roger SciFi 182